since 2015: NIRSpec Instrument and Calibration Scientist at the European Space Agency, Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore (United States)
2013 – 2015: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the European Space Agency, Noordwijk (The Netherlands)



Graduate Studies

2010 – 2013: PhD (Summa Cum Laude) at the European Southern Observatory, Garching (Germany) with Dr. M. Kissler-Patig

Under-Graduate Studies

2005 – 2010: Diplom/Master in Physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Germany)

High-School Degrees

1996 – 2004: German Allgemeine Hochschulreife (High-School Diploma) at Neue Nikolaischule Leipzig (Germany)



see Publications



since 2011 Co-supervisor of Master Student: Anja Feldmeier
Oct 2009 Tutor for Dr. T. Franoschs lectures ”Rechenmethoden” (calculation methods)
Apr 2008 Tutor for Prof. D. Dürrs lectures ”Mathematics for physicists II”
Sep 2007 Tutor at an introductory course for high school students (”Probestudium”)



Mar 2015 MODEST 15, “Modeling and Observing Dense Stellar systems in Chile”, Concepcion, Chile [TALK]
Aug 2014 IAU Symposium # 312, “Star Clusters and Black Holes in Galaxies across Cosmic Time”, Beijing, China [INVITED TALK]
Jun 2014 MODEST 14, “The dance of stars: Dense stellar systems from infant to old”, Bad Honnef, Germany [TALK]
May 2013 SnowPAC, “Black Hole Fingerprints: Dynamics, Disruptions and Demographics”, Snowbird, Utah [TALK]
Dec 2012 Bonn meeting, “2nd Gluehwine Aarseth N-body Meeting”, Bonn [INVITED TALK]
Nov 2012 INAF workshop, “Reading the book of globular clusters with the lens of stellar evolution”, Rome [TALK]
Sep 2012 ESO symposium, “ESO@50 – the first 50 years of ESO”, Garching [TALK]
Aug 2012 IAU Special Session 1, “Origin and Complexity of Massive Star Clusters”, Beijing [TALK]
Jun 2012 Vatican Observatory Summer School, “The Formation and Evolution of Stellar Clusters”, Rome [STUDENT]
Apr 2011 ESO workshop, ”Dynamics of Low-Mass Stellar Systems”, Santiago [TALK]
Dec 2010 Excellence Cluster Research Area F day, Garching [TALK]
Sep 2010 AG Tagung, “Zooming in: The Cosmos at High Resolution”, Bonn [TALK]
Jun 2010 ESO workshop, ”Central Massive Objects: The Stellar Nuclei – Black Hole Connection”, Garching [TALK]



Mar/Apr 2014 Several Seminars and Talks at US universities: University of Texas (Austin), Space Telescope Science Institute (Baltimore), Princeton University (Princeton), Yale University (New Haven), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge)
May 2012 Invited Seminar Talk, AIfA, Bonn
Feb 2012 Seminar Talk, University of Queensland, Brisbane
Feb 2011 Colloquium Talk, ESO, Santiago
since 2010 Numerous small talks at ESO, Garching (Journal Club, Student Session, Science Day, Wine & Cheese)



Upcoming 2015 Service mode observations with VLT/MUSE IFU: ”M54 – a naked nuclear star cluster” (PI, 095.B-0585)
Dec 2014 Service mode observations with VLT/MUSE IFU: ”The two- dimensional velocity field of the Large Magellanic Cloud: The search or a central black hole.” (PI, 094.B-0566)
Jun 2013 Service mode observations with Gemini/GMOS IFU: ”Testing Black Hole Scaling Relations by Measurements of the SMBH in the Bright- est Cluster Galaxy IC 1101” (PI, GN-2013A-Q-60)
Dec 2012 Visitor mode observations with VLT/FORS2: ”Unveiling the central black hole of the LMC” (PI, 090.B-0223)
Jul 2012 Visitor mode observations with VLT/ISAAC: ”A legacy survey of kinematics and stellar populations of the Milky Way nuclear cluster – catching the last chance” (Co-I, DDT 289.B-501)
Feb 2011 Visitor mode observations with VLT/FLAMES: ”Intermediate-mass black holes in Globular Clusters: Central kinematics for NGC 1851 and NGC 2808” (Co-I, 086.D-0573)
May 2010 Visitor mode observations with VLT/FLAMES: ”Central kinematics for M62 and NGC 5286: characterizing intermediate mass black holes in star clusters.” (Co-I, 085.D-0928)
Oct 2008 Two half nights on the IRTF and 88inch telescopes at Mauna Kea, gathering observational experiences with PhD students from the Institute for Astronomy in Hawaii



since Mar 2015 Elected member of the ESTEC Staff Association Committee (SAC)
since Jan 2013 Referee for ApJ, A&A and MNRAS
Apr 2012 – Sep 2012 LOC member of the ”ESO@50” scientific symposium
since Nov 2011 ESO student representative
2010 – 2013 ESO OPC assistant for period 86-87-88-89-91-92
2008/2009 Digitalization (\\LaTeX) of lecture notes for several university professors